Where art thou?

Sunday, 20 January 2008

hello darlings

MY AS result will be coming out tomorrow!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! takut.... huhuhu :( OMG.. i really really hope i got all As including the components... hooooo.. my god my god... huhu.. breathe in.. breathe out... okay.. anyway, i've been really really bz this whole week.. with the bangsawan, adapting to the new timetable. studying, and assignments!! gosh.. such a tiring week i tell u.. this semester.. our classes starts at 8.15am! and finishes either at 5pm or 4.10pm.. it's up to the teacher whether they want to have the last period or not.. can u imagine 2 hours of one subject?!! heish! and having M'sian studies for 2 hours-the horror.. anyway, i really really have to study hard if i were to re-sit any of my AS papers.. coping with A2 is hard enough.. an with AS to study again.. haih.. and with this bangsawan coming.. it's on the 2nd February.. i have sooo little time to do everything.. i'm head of dance.. and i have noooo idea about classical dancing.. i mean.. i think i can dance.. BUT i sure don't know how to choreograph one!! it's sooo near and yet i haven't finish choreographing it.. thank god my dancers are all cooperative! i like them.. i call them my Ronggeng Rokiahs.. hehe :P anyway, i gtg and have my breakfast now and then go out n buy a weighing scale!!! whee!!! haha.. later peeps! muah!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Hello everyone!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WOOT WOOT!!! ohmigosh! can't believe it's already 2008!!! it's the year where i may and may not fly off to the UK!!! huhuhu... berusaha soraya!!! yes! new year's resolution : study hard.. sembahyang jgn tinggal.. hehehe.. ANYWAY, i celebrated new year at the Curve.. punyalah dilemma tak tau nak celebrate kat mana.. in the end kat the curve jugak.. why the dilemma? because my dad's fren said it was gonna be boring.. well he WAS right.. it was boring till half an hour b4 midnight! don't know who the performers were.. so Intan n I jln2 sana sini.. oh yeah, i celebrated new year with Intan Soraya (one of my bestfrens) yeah.. just the 2 of us :) but it was great fun!! 11.30 mcm tuh.. Zainal abidin performed.. HE was boring.. BUT there was a bunch of people that amused intan n I.. so it was fun watching n laughing at 'em! hehehe.. then it was midnight!! intan n i were in the middle of everyone who was holding a can of foam.. bongek gila ok!! orang nak tengok the fireworks yg diorang pulak.. bila struck midnight jer, wooo wooo spray sana sini.. well yeah ok fine lah kan.. nak spray it!! but intan n i can't even look up to c the fireworks at that point because foam was falling all over.. we took cover.. and a few minutes after that when THOSE people dah habis sprayin the foam everywhere.. then we got to c the fireworks.. lama jugak ar the fireworks.. after that PARRRTAAYYYY!!! ahhahaha.. everyone started dancing!! intan n i were dancing with a few bunch of girls we just met.. i guess they saw just the 2 of us kat situ.. so they asked us to join them! they were such nice girls and fun gila! hahaha! same wave length ar.. then suddenly some remps joined in. and we were like WAAATTT... so we moved back n back.. and mood dancing dah hilang.. so i decided it was time to go back.. and my god.. thank goodness we didn't stay back longer cause it was jam pack at the parking lot!! we were stuck for about one hour in the car inside the curve!!! oh and while we were on our way out to go to the penchala link road tuh kan.. the Perdana behind me.. a few guys were in it.. one of them was sitting in such a way that intan n i could only c his knees! hahahahah kelakar gila! and the one who was sitting next to the driver was wearing a pair of sunglasses and covering his nose and mouth with a tissue!! WEIRD! why on earth are u wearing like that?? what was their number again... oh.. WJV 8040 i think.. anyone who knows them do tell me.. hhahahha!
i'm glad in turned out to be a fun night after all! reached home about 3.20am and then had a small chat with intan and off to dreamland i go! :) i watched AVP2 last week.. it was a bit disappointing!! cause neither the Alien nor the Predator won!!! sheesh.. and wat's with the ending man?! it was like.. waht that's all?! hek ela!! ahahhaha seriously.. haih.. i got 2 uni offers.. Manchester and Aston.. still waiting for Lancaster and Nottingham to give their reply!! oh pls pls take me in!!!!! i wanna go to Lancaster!! :) so i better get good results kan?! stress man.. and perasaan takut tuh lagi lah... huhuhu.. alright soraya! semangat kuda gagah vogue!! come on!! yeah!!! (just giving myself a cheer here.. hehe, feel free to join!) oh oh!! for the first time.. tadi i isi petrol kat kereta!!!! yerlah kat mana lagi kan but yeah!!! hahahahaa!! and guess what?! i have a facebook now!!! ahahahaha! finally!!
so here's the thing yeah.. need anyone's opinion.. i have 2 frens here.... let's say A n B (can't reveal the names).. so A used to like B.. a small crush.. but B didn't seem to be interested in A.. so A decided to just let it go but B's fren found out that A kinda likes B.. and B heard that A kinda like B but couldn't believe it.. so as time passed by.. A started to have this big crush on C.. so then one day.. A bumped into B at a place and B started to contact A.. but once in a blue moon lar.. so A get kinda excited everytime B contacts A because well A couldn't believe it! but decided to still like C because A just wanna be frens with B cause A really2 likes C.. However, one day.. A found out that C likes someone else.. fyi, C didn't have a single idea that A had a crush on C.. so A decided to not have a crush on C anymore.. and just face the fact that nothing special will ever happen between them.. so now.. apparenlty, B really2 likes A.. don't know how far it's true or not lah.. and A doesn't know whether A really likes B as much as B likes A.. however, A found out that B likes A because B though that A still has a crush on B.. then B is being sooo nice to A.. but A just can't feel the chemistry.. so A feels guilty for treating B so nicely cause A feels that B's getting the wrong message.. A thinks that B and frens think that A really likes B.. but actually A is just a confused person who doesn't know A's feeling's towards B.. A doesn't want to just stop contacting B because B is a very nice person.. so is A a bad person by treating B like more than a fren?? a bit on the flirty side.. when A couldn't make up A's mind?? and is it fair that B likes A because B thinks that A likes B?
personally, i don't really like it when someone likes another person just because she/he thinks that the other person likes them.. u know it's like.. weh, budak tu suka kat kau ar.. and then u start to like that budak.. macam tak ikhlas.. well, that's my opinion la.. anyway, yeah, just thought i get some opinion.. :) thanks!! anyway people, it's a brand new year and let's kick some ass!!!!!!!!! yeah!! woo hoo!!! aja aja fighting!