Where art thou?

Sunday, 30 November 2008


HELLOOOOO!!!! gosh, it's been so long.. :D i've been busy and am still busy actually. one accounts test, one project, and one essay to go! and then.. whee!!!!!!!!!! christmas holiday!!! oh yeah baby! This coming holiday i'll be going to Manchester, Notts, Bath, and last but not least.. London!!!! yay!!! soo excited! going to celebrate christmas (not that i celebrate it) and new year there!! OOoooOO can't wait!

I've bought myself a new hp today!!!! it's Samsung Tocco Pink. it's so sweet!! i love it i love it i love it! hehe. finally, a new hp!!! touch screen too! lalalala. oh yea, watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging yesterday! very typical teenage love movie.. but it's quite funny! the main actress is not that pretty tho.. but some the other girls in d movie are. how about the boys?? OHHH itu tak payah ckp ar... HHHOT! ehhehehhe.. at first cam when that dude spoke.. it was such a turn off, suara gila tak macho.. but then lama2 like.. haihhh cair.. hehehe.. his name is Aaron Johnson. woot woot!!

For these past few days, i've been thinking a lot about the cartoons that i used to watch back in my childhood@ zaman kanak2 ribena. :) am watching Akazukin Chacha for the time being.. wanna watch the whole season!!!! i find it so funny now.. didn't think it was THAT funny back then.. mungkin sebab tak paham kut. hehehe. watched a bit of Pepper Ann, Doug, Arthur, Little Lulu and etc. i thought about Biker Mice from Mars.. anyone remembered that?! and how about Aaaaargh Real Monsters! or Jam! these are like way before Rolie Polie Olie, Bear in the Big Blue House and all.. huhuhu. oh how i miss being a kid.. don't u?

oh yea, there was this one night where i bought strawberries and whipped cream. Iqa n I went crazy with the whipped cream. we were making all sorts of patterns with it together with the strawberries.. taking pictures every now n then. hahahhaa. another night i had my malaysian gang over.. saje hang out and the guys n nana played monopoly. They were so serious about it! they played it from around 10.30pm till after 1am!! all kiasu kaukau man. when iqa, nadia n i played, i think it was towards FUN. they played it like it was some kind of business or something but to them it was fun so.. OKAY... as long as they're happy. Luqman's and Nana's birthday are coming, we're organizing a party for them.. hmm.. where should it be.. usually it'll be my flat, that's like the hang out place for us, Soraya's kitchen.. anything sure assemble at my kitchen.. ( i don't mind that at all :) i enjoy having their company. love!). maybe we're going to have a birthday dinner at a restaurant instead?? hmmm.. think think..

this may sound random but have u all ever wondered (those who are not married/single) like who ur husband OR wife gonna be??? i sometimes wonder.. hehehe.. say what u want but sometimes i do think about that.. :p hmmmm... hahhahahhaha.. i mean, u're gonna have to like spend the whole life with that one particular person.. every single day.. well, that's why u've gotta love that person ey.. yea... huhuhu.. all i know, my future husband or future bf.. whatever la, must know how to cook!!!! yessss!! that's such a plus point!!!

oh oh! i found the necklace that i thought i left back home in malaysia!!!!! i knew i brought it with me to UK. yay!!!! happy happy joy joy! altho i found out that i've left some of my nice blouses back in m'sia as well.. dang it!
well, i better go now :) peace, love, and may the boogie be with u! xoxo

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


oh yea baby!!! i'm back!!!!! yes yes.. very fast recovery huh.. well, masih jer demam.. but not as bad as yesterday!!! ate two of my ever so reliable Cataflam medicine and with a good long night sleep. i felt better today!! :) had one hour of class today and then spent half of the day with 7 year old kids. well, i'm in the volunteering unit of my university. so we had some activities with the primary school children who came to our uni for some enviromental activities.. thru singing, art & crafts.. stuff like that :) and so, i'm happy now. hehehe. is everyone else out there happy?! come, let's all be merry! have a very merry unbirthday to u all!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

demam... banjir... must be strong..

soraya demam... i want someone to take care of me now... feels so lonely.. i want mama... :( dah banjir thp max.. i must be strong.. i need to finish up my essays.. but it's delayed due to my fever.. kepala rasa sangat sangat berat.. sakit kepala.. eating right now.. need to mkn ubat later.. need to sleep.. stop the banjir-ness u overly sensitive girl.. can't help it.. k, just needed to talk (let it out) to someone.. -out-

Friday, 14 November 2008

Nur Liyana Buyong tagged me!!!!

the rules of the game:
1- get posted at the beginning
2-each players answers the questions about themselves
3-at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people n posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leave a comment, letting them know that they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time: 16:28PM
Nick: Soraya, Yaya, Sobaraya, Kimo
sisters: my one and only Chor
brother: bro-in-law can? i've got no brothers.. huhuhu
shoe size: UK 5/6 , M'sia 6/7height: hmmm. 165cm? or is it 164cm? around 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 5
Where do you live? I'm currently in Lancaster, UK. my home country is Malaysia.. missing
M'sia a lot!
Have you ever..
Been on a plane? Yes honey! (starts singing i'm flying without wings..)
Swam in the ocean? yeap! but i don't really like swimming in the ocean cause there r other
creatures in it and they start swimming around with me and like i'll go. .
"What's that near my leg? i feel something! ewwww.. "and i'll imagine
the creatures coming for me.. (the horror)
Fallen asleep at school? school?? hmmm i don't think so.. if lectures,YES.. if classes back in
KYUEM.. well once or twice.. hehe..
Broken someone's heart? erm.. not sure. did i?? i don't know.. was he heartbroken? i don't
Fallen off your chair? hahahahah yea masa kelas agama kat rumah.. hahahahahSat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: unfortunately yes..
Saved emails: of course! what kind of question is this?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What is your room like: it's like Soraya's room.. :PWhat's right beside you: Half eaten Samosa.. yesterday's mushroom soup (eeewww i know),
oxford english dict. , biscuits, breakfast bars, water, n papers
What was the last thing u ate: fries.. i love it i love it i love it-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ever had...chicken pox...: nop! :)sore throat: of course!
broken nose: no! and i hope it'll never happen to me. i already have a button nose..do you believe in love at first sight : love is a strong word. maybe a crush at first sight??do you like picnic : yeap!!!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
who was/were...
the last person you danced with : Nadialast person who made you smile : Miryamlast person you yelled at : no one
did you ...
talked to someone you like : i like my frens.. i talked to them.. that counts doesn't it ;)
kissed anyone : nopget sick : Notalk to an ex : nop. cause i don't have one :)
miss someone : YES!!!!! LOADS N LOADS OF PEOPLE back in m'sia
who do you really hate : i don't really hate anyone..do you like your handwriting : no!!! it's kinda small and scribbly.. hahhaha.. haih.. pn. nor ain
would give the best comment on my handwriting i think.
are your toe nails painted : neywhat color shirt are you wearing now : black bebeh!are you a friendly person : i have to say.. yes i am! do u agree??
do you have any pets : yes i do! Romeo and Lady.. miss them soo much
do you sleep with the tv/laptop on : nowhat are you doing right now : doing this survey.. du-uhcan you handle the truth : BRING IT ON!!are you closer to your mother or father : mother i think.
do you eat healthy : yes!!! yogurt is healthy!! so yea! hehehe
do you still have pictures of you and your ex : omg, must u remind me of that picture of me n
brad pitt.. dang it! (lame lame i know.. the truth
is there's no ex! lalala)
who are you most likely to go to : when?? hmm. when i'm sad.. i go to my frens.. :)are you loud or quiet most of the time : LOUDDDDDDD
are you confident : sometimes!
5 things u were doing 10 years ago:- was a pom pom girl (damn i miss that)
- was in tarian Zapin (damn i miss that too)
- had a crush on my classmate (hahahahaha.. kanak2 ribena)
- first time in Relay and individual event for track & field during Sports Day
- enjoying chocolates cause hadn't got my migrain then..
5 things i would do if i am a billionaire:- bring my parents on a trip around europe and other places
- buy myself a sports car!!!!!
- shopping for clothes!
- open a branch of any famous fastfood outlet (always wanted to do that)
- put aside some money for charity
5 of my bad habits- i procrastinate
- don't make up the bed
- not acknowledging a person when actually i know that person
- saying the word "bongek"
-(i think that's it)
5 places i've lived/living:- Shah Alam, Selangor
- Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL

- KYUEM, Lembah Beringin
- Lancaster University, Lancaster
- (that's all)
5 people who i've tagged:-Fiza

Sunday, 9 November 2008

of food, monopoly night n Malaysian Nottingham Games!

Last wednesday night, Iqa n I crashed Nadia's room n played monopoly! iqa brought her cool camera, erm forgot the model. but i know it's this damn cool camera lar like those professional photographers pakai tuh. yea those types. she looked like a journalist haha. bawak sebesar2 monopoly board tuh gi rumah nadia. I on the other hand, was carrying a can opener AND a tin of laici. hahahhhaa. looked so funny jln2 bawak benda tuh. malas nak bawak bag for just that 2 things. it looked as if i'm gonna hit someone with the can opener. the monopoly that we played used credit card to buy the lots. COOL RIGHT?!! it's in millions. i think it's one of those limited ediotions monopoly boards. like the Star wars monopoly. hehe. that night, for dinner, before i head off to nadia's house, i made fried salmon? well, want to call it grilled salmon but tak grill kan. so fry jer lah. and iqa made the vege. it looked good!!! very hotel-ish. hehehe and we had apple crumble for dessert! very nice dinner indeed. here are some pictures of the monopoly night and the dish that i had for dinner!

Yesterday, i attended the Malaysian Notts Games. it was so-so. very dissapointed on the food tho. i mean, i think i went to the wrong stalls cause all the food that i bought didn't taste good. so sad. i kept buying food hoping that it'll taste nice but got the opposite. sedih sedih. oh well. but very happy indeed to meet my college my frens AND EVEN some ex-schoolmates frm high school!!! i was really happy to c them all! i wanted to watch my uni played football but by the time i got there, they've finished playing. dang. huhu. mayb next time then. i watched the netball game, basketball game, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, while at the same time i was looking for all my frens. hehehe. didn't get to meet Mariam tho. :( i went back home at about 3.50pm and it was "Nadia n I Adventure Back Home"! haha. both first timers balik naik train. damn fun! full of stories, gossips n with the change of trains semua...adventure! now i know how to change trains and all. whee!!! took a lot of pics when we were on the train. when we were heading to notts, iqa followed as well so with her ever so cun camera. more pictures were taken! belum sampai notts lagi, camera dah almost full with pics in train! huhuhu. didn't really take a lot of pics with my frens in notts. bila jumpa my frens then we'll get so excited and i forgot about taking pics. so this december, i want to go to some parts of UK and visit my frens and at that time....PICTURES SHALL BE TAKEN!!!! YESSSSS! here's some pics frm notts and some pics i manage to take with a few of my frens.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

life, oh life! oh liiiifeee turututu

Anyone knows that song? it's by Desiree (referring to the title of this post) :) . i've been really really bz last week. i have meetings to go almost everyday; frm group meetings according to subjects to LUVU stuffs. oh yea, i joined the Lancaster Uni Volunteering Unit (LUVU), not sure whether i've mentioned it b4. i'm not suppose to be blogging now either but i thought i'd steal some time while having my b'fast right now i'll blog at the same. i'm having crumpets with honey! wheee. crumpets is like waffles/pancakes but it's diff. hehe. i'll be going to Malaysian Notts Games next Saturday!!!! i am soooo excited!!!!!!! i'll get to meet my KYUEM frens AND my other KL frens too!!!!! however, i have to go back early tho, by 4pm i'll be off to Lancs. heih. decided not to stay overnight there and follow my frens back to lancs. well, there's the christmas holiday! so i'll be visiting those outside lancs anyway (with god's will). I'm currently writing an essay too. i have 3 essays to write and this is my first one. dang it. the other two will have to be passed up in week 8 i think. it'll be week 5 starting this monday.

Yesterday was my first meeting with the KULM (kelab umno lancaster & morecambe). fyi, morecambe is lancaster's neighbour. hehe. had to write down the minutes of the meeting. huhuhu. never in my life had i to do that. good practice for me i guess, not that i want to b a secretary but in taking down important points. might help me in jotting down notes during my lectures. ANYWAY, there are only 4 ajks in it. small committee, yea i know. but it's good in a way, easier to do work. as the saying goes, too many hands spoils the.. err.. errrmm..k i forgot. help me out here.. hmmm. k nvm, u know what i mean right?.. yea ok. hehe. kinda surprised that we do quite a lot of activities here. most of our activities will be combined with LUMSS (lancs uni m'sian student soc) so then will have lots of people working together. oh yes, in March there'll be the UMNO's AGM aka Perhimpunan Agong UMNO and i might have to go because the president might not be able to go, so, it'll be either Syakir, Me or Nadia that will have to attend the meeting. free ticket to M'sia!!!! hmmm but i guess the vice would be the best person to go huh. oh well.. there's the pros n cons of going i think. the pros are a bit more tho. heish. shall not worry about that now. i've got assignments to do!

oh yes, Halloween night was fun!! i was with my frens (i.e. my malaysian gang kat lancs. :D hehe.). went to Nana's house cause her flatmates had a small halloween party then we all went to town. the songs that were played at Elements were hmmm.. let's just say the DJ wasn't that great. kept playing slow remixes which i don't like at all, he played it for a long time too! and only a few upbeats were played. but it's okay, i had fun anyway. :) but maybe next time i hope that a different dj will be there. IF i go there again. ;) i was suppose to be a vampire but i dunno whether i really looked like one or not. didn't have the sharp teeths. hehe. BUT Iqa did a great job on the blood part!! she's sooo good at the make up part. she did the make up for all of us. her make up was damn cool, she dressed up as dead minnie mouse. hahahha cute right? it sounds cute BUT she looked scary! nadia dressed up as a cat. not sure whether it's dead or not. dead lah kut. luqman as the joker, syakir an injured panda. HAHHAHHHA! NEH, i forgot what he's suppose to be. OH, danny as the walking pc!!!! damn cool. he made the t-shirt by himself! syazwan as a creepy dude as well, got stitches on his face too. here r some pics! toodles peeps!