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Sunday, 29 January 2012

First friend to get married!!!!

Last Saturday, my friend, Syukri got married to his high-school sweetheart, Aizan.
They make such a good couple! Really complement each other I must say.
So he was my first friend to get married!!!
Congratulations again Syuk & Aizan!!!!
I was super excited and so were my two other girl friends who went to the wedding with me.
We couldn't help but cheer his name when we saw him with his wife in the golf cart as their transportation to the wedding hall. It was held at a Golf club btw. hehe.
I hope Aizan didn't mind that. bet she must be thinking who are those groupies. hoho.

A picture of my friends & I with the raja sehari :) They were smiling all the time!
hahahhah. happy betul ye :)

I had the chance to meet my friends from KYUEM too! It was soooo nice!
Everyone was just so happy to see each other. I haven't met some of them for 5 years!
oh it was just so nice to meet old frens.
We were all so excited and most of our conversations would just end abruptly and continue to another person. hahaha. limited time yea. macam speed dating BUT NOT.
So, i guess i will be seeing them again for another friend's wedding!
let's see who's next on the line! hahaha!
I know my chaletmate back in college will get married either mid or end of this year.
mini college reunion again! yeay!!

p/s: so i found out that one of my friends, stalk my blog. hahaha. shouldn't have told me!
so here's a shout out to him if he's reading this! HI NAZRI!!!! *wave wave :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My favourite pearl tea!

So, before this I had my tutti frutti phase where every now n then it's FROYO TIME!!!
Froyo = Frozen Yogurt (just in case some doesn't know what it stands for.. hehe)

Nowadays it's always Chatime!!
Thanks to my friend, Yana who introduced me to Chatime a few months back.
I loved it since. wheee!

Chatime sells pearl tea or bubble tea. you can drink anything that they serve and just ask for the pearls/bubbles to be included in the drink! Those pearls are made from tapioca starch btw (i just found out myself.. a few secs ago. LOL)

My favourite has to be their Hazelnut Chocolate Milk tea with pearls!
loooovee it. I've never tried other flavours besides hazelnut choc and superior pure cocoa.


I actually tried bubble tea ages ago when i was a small kid but i hated it cause it tasted so artificial, like powdered flavour and just add water. but this time it's totally different!

This pearl tea never fails to make me happy n bubbly! like! :)


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I love my weekends with my niece

And sometimes, coincidentally, we'll be wearing the same coloured outfit, even when she's wearing a cow costume. HAHAH.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A new year


2011 was awesome. I hope that 2012 will be as awesome or even better than awesome...
be-awesome!!! (it means beyond awesome btw) hehe.

I celebrated the new year at the curve together with the Funky Munkies.
For those of you who doesn't know who the Funky munkies are.. well, it's just a name that my friends and I came up with to call our group. We came up with it when we were 15 and it's stuck till now. hahaha. It was the first time that the munkies celebrated new year together so it was great!

The fireworks display at The Curve was just spectacular!!! I LOVE IT. (the picture above is not the one frm The Curve) I was just so awed by the fireworks that I didn't bother to get my camera out. It's now a sweet memory! hehe. they had this new firework thingy going on that i've never seen before cause it's similar to the chinese red fireworks.. u know the one that goes.. pompompompompompompompompom!!! quickly. yesss that one. hehe. but this one was just bigger and up in the sky. It was just awesome i tell u!
And the fact that I got to watch it with my close friends... i was just happy :)


My friend's car broke down on the way back to another fren's apartment. huhuhu.
our other fren had to drive back and pick us up.
and then the next morning, the toilet door was locked frm the inside (someone accidentally locked it and shut the door i guess) so we had to use the end of a can opener to pick it open. hahahah.
way to welcome the new year ha. hoho.

oh well, cheers for 2011! and for more exciting moments to come! May god bless us all :)