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Monday, 5 December 2011

MTP site visits!!!

As you know, (if u don't well now u know :p) I'm now a Management Trainee in Sime Darby. So for the first two weeks, we had site visits and also team building camp.

I would like to talk about the Site visits that I went to. It was awesome!
we went to all 6 divisions tho I won't be talking about all 6. booosan nanti. hahaha.

Plantation: we went to sime darby plantation and I got to see up close how the buah kelapa sawit looks like and hold it. ok, for the record, i always see this sime darby plantation sign by the road side yea. and yes i do know it's all palm trees. oil palm but i've never got to hold the huge big fruit before. so it was cool. we also visited the refinery, their R&D and the mills. the smell is a bit funky tho at the refinery. gave me a slight headache. haha. bet the people who work there are all immune to the smell.

Motors: at motors, daaaammnnn it was freaking cool. So we heard a rumor that we will be going to visit Porsche but then the bus dropped us off in front of Hyundai instead. we were quite sad about that. then one of us asked the guy who was giving the presentation at Hyundai whether we're goin to Porsche and he said "what?! nooo. u are not. just hyundai." then his boss came in and blurted out "when are they going to porshe?" hahahahha he was like winking like crazy to ohis boss but too late! we knew we were heading to Porsche after that. everyone got all hyped up about it after that. at Porsche, we all wanted a test drive but we couldn't. so we thought, fine at least we got to go to porsche and check out all the bad ass cars. then after the presentation at porsche, we had a tour around and we were told to go to the pre-delivery inspeciton area 2 km away. then the woman in charge told us that there's 2 cayenne and one panamera here, choose
which car u want to ride in and we're good to go. we were all speechless like.. wait.. what did she say. so i asked her "are u serious?" and she was like YES. woot!!!! ahahahaha. i got into the cayenne S and on the way back i rode in the panamera. obviously we didn't get to drive the cars but good enough!!! porsche road trip! hahaha. we felt sooooo cool. :p

Industrial: at industrial, another awesome experience!!! I got to drive a Wheel Loader!!! i don't have the picture me driving it, cause it's with the HR lady but this is a wheel loader.

voila! hahah i was super excited to drive this big baby. felt sooo happy after that.

So, that's it. right now i'm in my first job rotation with Sime Darby Industrial under Tractors Material Handling. haven't started work yet as when i came in they were about to for their own team building camp, so i had to join (i just got back yesterday, it was beyond awesome) but that i shall save for another post, a whole different story! I'm super tan now. anyhoo, tomorrow will be the first day of working life!!!! woot!!!


p/s: really need to get some pictures!!! all words and no interesting pictures are making me feel bored with my own blog. :(

Sunday, 13 November 2011

the memorable thing that happened to me on 11.11.11

So, almost everyone is all hyped out about the date 11 November 2011.
I think most people got married on that day. ahhaaha. ada ong la katanya. plus, it's a super cool date!
As for me, I had my own memorable moment on the 11th of Novermber 2011 too!!!
I signed my job offer letter!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't realise it till i was about to sign it. I said to the guy who happened to be in the same programme as me that OMG, WE'RE SIGNING THIS ON 11.11.11!!!!!
How cool is that?!?!?! and he just replied with a "yeaaa. this is history." cam erm... why do i not see any exclaimation marks going on here. hahahahah.

Tomorrow's the big day for me!!! super nervous now and excited! haha. I hope you'll treat me well Sime Darby :)

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 11 November 2011

the visit

The title of this blog post sounds like a title of a short story yes?

Anyhoo, one of my close friends from the UK came to Msia for a visit. Her mom is a Malaysian so she came down to visit her relatives here. I am sooooo excited to meet her in Malaysia!!

Eventhough we met up for only a few hours, I was just so happy to see her in person! and not via skype or msn. I miss my life in UK so so much. I miss how independent i was there, the freedom that i have and also the safeness i had in lancaster. It's soo different now that I'm back home. haih.
Having a fren from UK to visit me was just something i needed. I won't be going back to england anytime soon but a little bit of england came to visit me. :) bliss! Thanks Louise! It was great seeing u!

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

I've never tried eating soft shell crab before. Well mainly cause I'm kinda allergic to seafood.
BUUTTTT, there comes a time when one just have the urge to try eating it and then take their medication. HEHE.

So, I went to Full House at Sunway Giza a few weeks back and ordered their Deep fried soft shell crab for starters. 3 soft shell crabs were served. you see, these type of crabs are not big so it's fine as starters. It was really good!! it was crunchy and even the shell, it kinda melts in your mouth after the first bite! it's really good. I didn't take a picture of it cause well, i was so in to it that i forgot to snap some pics. It's served with a tiny bowl of wasabi mayonaise. I'm not really a fan of wasabi but the wasabi taste wasn't that strong anyway. It was good.

I love Full House's deep fried soft shell crab! will definitely go there and order em again!

xoxo, Soraya

nearing a new chapter in the book of life

Well, most people say that when you start working, that's when you experience the real world.

SO, on the 14th of November, I will be joining Sime Darby for their Management Trainee Programme!!!!! yeay!!!!

I went through all 4 stages and passed them all :D Alhamdulillah.
It's a 6 months programme more or less like a probation period and after that, hopefully I'll be in a department that likes me and I like them too. hehehe.

I am super excited!!! a tad nervous too. I can't wait to start on something new and make new friends! wheee~

xoxo, Soraya

Monday, 24 October 2011

here I go again!

SOOOO, here's the thing. Every now and then I will have a phase where I'll get obsessed with a certain artist. HEHE.
It all started when I had a major crush on Bi Rain after watching him in Full House. This was during my college period. In college, I even had a presentation which I talked about him. We were free to pick on whatever we want to talk about during the english class okaayy. ;)
Then it died out cause well yea, he kinda change his persona and all. badan dah mcm badan ninja turtle cam eewww tak perlah tak suka dah.

Then I watched this Korean movie called Seducing Mr. Perfect which stars Daniel Henney.
So I had a Henney phase near the end of college period which lasted till I went to England for further studies. Had his picture on my wall and one of my friends went to watch Wolverine, came back and asked me, u know that guy who acted as the policeman in Wolverine, is he the same guy on your wall? HAHAHA. YESSSSSS! :p

Then during my first year, i started to watch Japanese movies and boy bands. SO i got obsessed with ARASHI. when I went to my 2nd year, no more asian phase. Got all drooly over all them european hotties in uni and also models that my fren showed me. So that made me widened my perspective and no longer attracted to korean or japanese guys that much. hahaha. That lasted till the end of uni life.
Suddenly i came back to Msia, my mom watches korean drama everyday so i've got not choice but to watch it too if i were to watch the tv. And MTV or other music channel have kpop going on every now and then. I started to watch the KBS channel, their entertainment shows are so funny. i love watching Lets go Dream team!, Gag Concert and Star King. they never fail to make me laugh. one fine day i happened to watch this music video starring G-Dragon and T.O.P. with their song High High. and now i have an obsession with T.O.P.

People, meet Choi Seung-Hyun or better known by his stage name, T.O.P.

he's no longer platinum blonde but has brownish hair now. He looks so good with platinum blonde! brown hair suits him well too! actually, whatever the hair colour is. He can pull it off! He's such an eye candy!!!! SUUUUKAAAAAA!!!!!!! :p

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

nothing to dooooo... ?

"guilty as charge" the jobless girl.

hehehe. well, I've been chillaxing (i.e. chilling and relaxing).. drive around. go out with frens when some of them are free. most of them are either working or still studying. so lonely here pls!!! boo~
I've got an interview this Friday and next week I've got two interviews to go to. Those two are both the 3rd stage interview process for the respective companies and boy am i not looking forward to that! I'll be tiiiireeeddd. 3rd stage interview will be half a day. M
ust sleep early and be as energetic as possible ey!
after the 3rd stage interview then comes the last stage of interview which is being interviewed by the executives. getting a job nowadays is so difficult. macam2 stage kena attend. but i guess, no pain no gain! :|

Wish the best for my interviews okay? thank youuu!!! hehehe.

Oh, i almost forgot, I went to watch a musical theatre called ...

yes, The Secret Life of Nora. It was awesome! It was very lively! I love it when i watch a musical theatre and the songs just makes me wanna get up and dance :) got me all jiggy with it. hahahaha. It was vibrant with all the lights and colours! the actors were great! I would have to say the guy who acted as Sharif, Aaron Khaled has great talent! he was really good! the other casts were good too definitely! with Adibah Noor with her powerful voice and Aznil Nawawi never fails to crack up some laughter. Datin Tiara really did a great job in this musical. Two thumbs up!!! :D

till then, xoxo!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

belated stories from moi!

the beautiful sunset at Oia Village, Santorini. Pic taken by yours truly, ME! :D

i would love to say i was super busy as i haven't updated my blog BUT the truth is, i was just plain lazy.
but i thought i should start writing again. hehe.

I'm done with my degree as mentioned! now i'm just job hunting! waiting for the result from one of the companies i've applied to. 4 stages of interview process! did the 2nd stage last week. let's hope i passed it! really want this training programme!

my summer trip 2011 was AWESOME! went to Greece and Spain. Greece was just beautiful!! Especially Santorini. I had a lot of fun in Santorini as compared to Athens. Athens was fine but yea i prefer the island! :) I went on a donkey ride, rode on the ATV, hiked a volcanic island and also road trip! the resort that we stayed in was really nice! it's very reasonable and the service was good. think it's a family owned resort. the mother was the receptionist, son is the driver, daughter is the bartender.. etc. cute. it's called the Holiday Beach Resort and it's located very near to the Black Sand Beach. ahahha i didn't know the name literally meant that the sand was black there! super cool! My Greece trip was packed with adventures and i love every minute of it!!!

Spain trip was a bit different. not much of adventures but more of a hang out with frens holiday thingy which was fun too! oh! i watched the flamenco show when i was in Barcelona. it really got us all excited and i believe all the audience were at the edge of their seats! it was so full of passion and wow, it was like they're on fire baby! mantap habis diorang menari.

planking at Parc Guell with Nadia. ;)

where ever you are, you can never be dull when you've got family n frens around u! I love going on holidays with friends. The atmosphere is different from going on holidays with family. I mean going on holidays with family is fun too! but the fun is different. well, u know what i mean! :D

so now, i'm back in Malaysia. good ol sunny sweaty malaysia. haha. I really miss being in the UK right now but nothing beats home sweet home ey!

i've got more to write about BUT i think that's enough for now!

toodles! xoxo!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

a short hello for now

Hello all!!!
I've been busy lately. well, was away on holiday! hehehe.
I'm now back in Sunny and sticky Malaysia!

got loads of stuff to blog about!!
a bit jet lag now. need to settle down and will blog blog blog soon!

To all my muslim friends and readers, happy ramadhan!
Selamat berpuasa and selamat berbuka! :D

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 17 June 2011

Done with exams!

I'm done with my final exam!!!
It's like the final final. the finale. No more exams after this!
Unless I have to take some particular exam to move up a post or something in the future well I don't know BUT that can wait.
NOW!!! I want to enjoy myself in England! Won't be coming back here anytime soon (god knows when)!

After my last paper last Monday, god i felt so relieve!! I was like OMG I'M DONE WITH MY UNDERGRAD. LIKE OMG. haha.

Been having lunch dates n movie dates with my frens whom I won't be seeing anymore. Well, i don't know, I might travel to their country one day. who knows, right? Will talk about them in the next post.

This Saturday, there'll be a Msian farewell dinner for us leavers. Our performance will be super cool yo!! becaaause we'll be shufflin! ahahahahaha. well we will be singing before that then everybody shufflin'! ahahahah. That will give them a surprise. :p

This summer holiday, I will be travelling to Greece and Spain! Gonna get myself a sunkissed tan. Fyi, i'm already brown. ahahah. no no, i'm honey bronze then after my holiday i'll turn into hot chocolate. yessss. ahahhaha!

Hopefully everything will go well! (including my results) Praying for the best! alright, gotta get ready to head to my fren's place to practice for this sat's performance! whee~

till then,
xoxo Soraya!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

there's a red spot at..

There's a red spot at my white eye! Can u see it? I've circled it there in the pic. It doesn't look THAT bad in the picture but upfront, it's like there's blood but not bleeding (i.e. a bloodshot). Apparently, (after I've googled) it's due to a broken blood vessel in the eye. The cause? Well, it might be caused by tiredness or a poke/scratch. I think mine would most probably due to tiredness. I don't remember scratching my eye or anything like that. huhu.
This happened yesterday. I have noooo idea when it appeared but it is gone now, tho i still see some fade redness. wanted to stay up yesterday and do my essay but since i got that bloodshot in my eye, i slept early and yea, had a loooong sleep and my eyes got its rest! :)

Looking at this picture again, is that an eyebag i see?!?! (since only one of my eyes is in the picture). Oh well, this is the last time I'll be studying my ass off!

Alrighty, I shall be off preparing for my last/finale/final paper now!
All the best and good luck to moi! hehe.

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

rollin' the hair that is.
haha ;)

Collected my graduation tickets just now and as I was walking back with the tickets in my hand, I was listening to One Republic's Secret (I LOVE THAT SONG, I can listen to it again & again), I can't help but feel happy sad.
I looked up into the clear blue sky and thought, gosh, I can't believe I'm about to graduate!!!
I feel old.
oh well. I'm still young at heart :)

2 more papers to go!!!
woot!!! Come on Soraya!


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

oh dear god

Oh my god,
I'm freaking out for my last four papers.
I'm scared.
I need more time but there's no more time.
I keep telling myself I can do this.
but.. every now n then I just have that feeling of OMG MCM MANA NI..
I really need to get good grades.
I haven't done my essay for the 13th of June, just finishing outlining one essay.
I've only got 2 days and a half to prepare for that paper.
I'm scared.

Dear god, pls give me the strength to go through this final 4.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My favourite cookie!!!

Meet my favourite cookie!!! *hi everyone!*
I've never had a favourite cookie before.
BUT NOW.. I've got a favourite!!
It tastes sooooo good!! I LOVE IT.
see, I've taken a few bites before I took the picture, I can't help it. ahahaha.

It is scrumptious!
It's called the all butter quadruple belgian chocolate cookie!
Why quadruple? well....
It's loaded with melt-in-the-mouth chunks of smooth Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate then half-dipped in more chocolate.
seriously, it's really good!
If you have a Sainsbury's supermarket near you, grab yourself a box!!!
Fill yourself with some happiness of the cookie! hehe.
Once you've tasted it, I bet you'ld want more!! (I'm not getting any commission for posting about this cookie okay, it's voluntary! I just love this cookie and I want all of you to try it too!)

As I will be heading back to Msia soon and not coming back to England anytime soon. or even EVER (i hope not). I'm really gonna miss all the food that I can't get in Msia!
So, once i'm back home, i shall attempt to bake cookies that will taste (I SURE HOPE I CAN) similar or even better than this! so then, i'll have a new favourite! what's better than homemade cookie!?! especially by yourself :)

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Four more to go!

Hellooooo everybody!
Final exams have started and I've got 4 more papers to go.
Had 3 papers before this and only one was alright.
2 exams were back to back papers, 23rd and 24th and both were not that good. Haih. but yesterday's was much better then 23rd's. The one on the 23rd was terrible. horrible. I was teary eyed after it but decided not too cause I had another paper the very next day.
definitely not gonna get a first for the module on the 23rd BUT i just hope for the best.

Haven't had enough sleep last two nights, i was really knocked out last night. penat sangat. huhu. haih, tolong lah biar result bagus.
My next paper will be on the 3rd of June and it's on Corporate Finance. Can't remember anything about that module. macam tak pernah belajar ok. Gonna get started on it right after I freshen myself up after writing this post.
After that I have Economics for Managers, Advanced Finance, and lastly Rethinking Leadership.
I really hope I will ace these four papers!!!

let's do this people!
Berusaha kita!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Family Day in Lancs

I'm just super tired right now, thought i'ld blog awhile.
So, i just got back frm the Family Day held by Kelab UMNO Lancster and Lancaster Uni Msian Soc. It was funnnn!!!!

the theme was Kecoh 1 Lancster, and literally memang kecoh ar satu lancaster kat tepi tasik tuh. haahahhaha.
I planned to not play any games BUT after watching the dudes played baling selipar, it got me all excited! ahhahaha. I know I wasn't the only excited one cause ada juga yg lain yg semangat gila bila tgk diorang main.

the thing is, i've never played it before.
first time tgk orang main Baling Selipar pun masa 1st year, masa Family Day jugak lah! ahahahahah. So since just now they decided to have a woman category for baling Selipar, i joined in! KECOH NAK MAMPS. hahahaha

let me just say that we definitely didn't play according to the rules. setakat siapa kena baling, and bina balik selipar jer lah kut ikut rule. ahahha. it was for fun anyway! :) it was undergrads vs. postgrads. postgrads main dasyat weh. strategy baik punya, ingatkan dah mati semua, tiba2 ada sorang yg hidup gi naikkan selipar tuh. ceit! ahahha.
pastuh siap ambik selipar kitorang, the one that we used to throw at the others, tak nak kasi balik!!! ahahahah tak aci!!!! and since we don't have any slipper to throw to the rest, some took the other slippers away and ran with it!! ahahahahah
haaa even cerita kat blog ni pun dah kecoh dah. ahahah. siap wrestle to the ground ok nak ambik balik selipar tuh. (yer sebab saya orang yg ber-wrestle tuh jugak) ahahahahaha.
gila lah, it ended up like rugby. My first baling selipar was soooo much fun!!!! :))))

there were other games too like water balloons, find the sweet in the flour, u know like the sukaneka games. the simple yet fun games :) I don't have any pics to put up cause I forgot to bring my camera just now :(

As my first paper is this coming Wednesday, it was a good few hours of releasing stress, relaxing, good food. meeting people, chit-chatting. say goodbye to some postgrads leaving for Msia soon. huhu. but yea, it's not goodbye like one of them said as us final years will be heading back home soon too and boleh lah jumpa2 kat msia nanti.

anyway, bab farewell mewell ni boleh blog lain kali sebab mesti a bottle of mixed feelings masa tuh. ahahah. Definitely, 100%, gonna miss my Lancaster family alright!

aight then, think i should go freshen up and do my reading!!
takut lah first paper ni, dah lama tak buat exam essay. hohoho.
Let's all pray that we will all get flying colours!
God's will.
ciao cincau!


Saturday, 30 April 2011




Friday, 29 April 2011

and so...

dah kahwin dah diroang!!!!
it was sooooooo nice!!! everything was just nice!!

we cheered, we clapped, we smiled, we awed.. semualah tadi!!
when the princes were in the car heading to the Abbey, that made us waved and cheered to the tv! and then when kate was in the car on the way to the Abbey, she was just so gorgeous!!!!
At the altar, when kate was walking down to william, harry at the side was glancing back at her and smiled and cheekily said something to his brother. ahahhaha comel sangat!!!!
and we all saw william saying you look beautiful.. that was just aahhh sweet!
the way they look at each other, you could tell that they were very much in love.
dang, everything was just so sweet!!!
suka!!!!! :)))))
i couldn't stop smiling..

berparty sakan lah diorang mlm ni since they've got the palace all to themselves!!!!
changing the throne room into the chill out place. cool gila.

haih.. *starry eyes*
May god bless them!

xoxo, the one who's daydreaming

eeek! weddings make me feel excited!! and..

ooooh!! what a lovely couple!

OH MY GOD, i'm like sooooo excited!!! It's oh-so-prince-charming and lovely Kate's wedding!!!!
They will tie the knots today!!!!
I'm so excited! the fact that i'm in the same country during the wedding ceremony is like eek!!!!
SO CLOSE!!!! hahahahaha. History in the making yo!!!!
(omg, excited terlebih.. siapa yang nak kahwin ni?!?!) hahaha
My girlfriends and I will be taking a break from revision tomorrow morning till afternoon to watch the wedding LIVE on BBC! aarrghh! so excited.
May happiness lay ahead for both of them in the future and I hope they will last together forever and have beautiful babies (can't wait for that)!!! W&K ftw!

I bet people who are getting married the next day will not get to sleep in peace that night before.
It's like waiting for your results to come out the next day. Like you know it's gonna come out at that particular time and you're just waiting there. ARRGH! ahahah!
well, i'm definitely gonna have that feeling soon after my FINALS! hahaha.

This past few days, got links frm friends showing beautiful engagement videos and with this wedding of the century going on, I couldn't help but feel like i wanna get married too!!! lol.
Tho, i am very much farrrrr from that. hahha. I know that these things should be the last things on my mind right now as my finals get closer but I couldn't help it :p
oh well, degree comes first! then work! then..
well, let's just see what happens then when the time comes as I blog about my life. haha.

So, I'm now a princess-in-waiting and my very own prince is completely lost
somewhere out there.
one fine day, I hope I'll be one of those lovely couples.
That very fine day...

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 22 April 2011

A billion acts of Green

This picture was taken by yours truly ;) somewhere in my uni.
MasyaAllah, beautiful isn't it? :)
had to walk through some nasty dried leaves and bushes,
i wasn't wearing proper shoes to be doing that!! but the sight was worth it :)


Today, i opened up google and saw a pretty earthy picture at the side of the word Google
It's Earth Day!
this year's theme is A Billion Acts of Green.

So what are you waiting for? Do something green today!
I couldn't do my fair share today BUT i did plan a tree months back! and visited it last Wednesday so there! :)

Me and the apple tree that i've planted in early February :)

xoxo, Soraya

Monday, 18 April 2011

In exactly a month..

yes, it has finally come.
MY FINALE of university life.

My exam will start on the 18th of May and ends on the 13th of June.
As of now, I have not yet started revision for the first paper. I will soon. Well, later after asar prayers or tonight. ok definitely tonight! (tolonglah start Soraya oi!)
I've still got my 2000 words essay to write which I'm still currently reading and researching on.
But for that particular module, the one that I have an essay to write about, there won't be any exam for that as it's 100% coursework.
This means I have to balance assignment and revisions.
well the essay would count as revision as well right since no exam for that?
heehuuheehuu (nafas semput).

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! tenenene~ tenenenene~

Lets end it with FLYING COLOURS!!!! and I wanna fly with 1st class please.
(God's will)
Yes! u heard me, that's the aim!
I want to graduate with my friends with BIG WIDE SMILES plastered on our faces!
not one with a frown including me.
we can do it peeps! aja aja fighting!
Lets make it happen people.

xoxo, Soraya

Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello April!!!!

It's April!!
Gosh, how time flies huh! happy sad happy sad
I'm alright now as regarding the previous post :)

Went to play table tennis / ping pong today with Nadia & Farrah.
At first, the game was kinda bad, but eventually we played alright!
boleh laaahh. hehe. next stop, Aeroball!!!

Played squash last month with Yana & Iqa. An hour after that we went for Zumba and god, my whole body was aching so badly the next day! every part of me felt sore. haha.
really gotta make myself fit!

Since I'm on easter break right now @ study break.. I guess I would have more time to update my blog.. tho it might not be on current stuff that's going on. I might just talk about stuff that happened last year. haha. lalalalala~

One thing's for sure, I'm not going anywhere outside of UK this easter holidays.
supposedly start my revision today BUTTTT...
got a 2000 words essay to write and it's 70%! c-c-c-crazy! due in May 4th. woot!

alright, think i wanna go check out the question now and maybe layout my exam tinetable. :)
GANBATTE everyone!
We can do this!

Have a good easter break!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


When you're at the lowest point of your life, that feeling inside.. It's just a nasty feeling isn't it? All one can do is just cry it out. Pour it out whatever you call it. No matter what you do now, you can't change it. It might partly be my fault I guess for not being as prepared as I should be but I was not prepared for that. like that's it, if u get it alright, if u don't. bye bye. I still can't accept the fact that this is actually happening to me. I'm like a water pipe turning on and off. It's on right now as I'm writing this. pfft! I need to stop this as soon as possible, pull myself together and get myself a freaking 1st class honours!!!! I'll show them. U don't want me fine. There are other opportunities out there for me! It's not eeeverything. I'm sure someone out there sees me as a great person who will give great performance with the right people around me. Are all their people that great anyway? Do they speak fluent english? I might not be that awesome but yea.. They might not want me because I screw up part of what I went through and I'm not what they are looking for.
Oh well, everything happens for a reason and I'm sure Allah has better plans for me.
I have always been a happy cheerful person and I'm not gonna let this ruin my life.

Dear god, I'm trying my best to stay strong and as positive as I can, please give me the strength to do so. Aamin.

Berusaha Soraya!!!! Ganbatte!

p/s: If any of the comments relates to the question why so.. I shall not answer. I hope you understand. thank you. :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I've got a 3000 words essay due in on the 18th of March!!!!
and I haven't written anything!!
been reading n reading on the leadership theories to relate to the leader I chose to write on..


waaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(((((

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I love cupcakes!
Who doesn't right?

They are so cute! Yes, food CAN be cute too ya know.
I'm tight with work right now. Work overload seriously.
3000 words essay worth 40% tak buat lagi ha.
(BERUSAHA SORAYA!!! kata2 semangat buat diri -sendiri.. kesian) :p

Anyway, I was craving for cupcakes the other week, and lucky me!, every thursday, the Town market will come to uni so, the Yummy Cupcakes (that's the name of the co. yo!) had their stall up as well! whee~ :D
These are the cupcakes that I bought due to my craving. hehe. ;)
From top left: Vanilla, Snickers, Vanilla with Choc cupcake and Barbie vanilla (obviously the one in pink) haha.

In Westfield, London, there's a shop that sells cupcakes (can't remember the name now), nyway, they sell cupcake shake!!! It's like milkshake, but just an additional of A CUPCAKE! hahaha.
seeeedaaap!! mmmm..I was waiting for my cupshake, decided to snap a pic at the "booth".

It's soo good. It can be a bit too sweet but it's still good!

Stay calm, have a cupcake!
xx, Soraya

Friday, 18 February 2011

New found spot for studying

I've found a new study spot!
My friends n I were always complaining how the library and Learning Zone is too far frm our houses so yeay! this place is much closer. It's called Barker's House Farm. Used to be a farm. (it's true!) Lancaster ni kampung. :) sebelah uni ada sheeps lagi. white fluffy creatures they are. like!

Anyway, I was feeling really sleepy so, Iqa n I decided to take a short break and record a video showing the place :)
Hope you enjoy it! we did.
First video is where Iqa used the Cyborg effect and pretended she's in a Virtual Game on the 1st floor, 2nd video taken right before we head back is me showing the G-floor then back to Iqa :)
(the videos are quite long sebab malas to cut it short so.. yea) ;)

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

V-Day Potluck Party!!!

Hello there!
Before I go on about the V-day Potluck Party,
let me just clarify this, I do not celebrate Valentine's Day BUT on that day or the day before
I would do something with my friends since we don't celebrate it.
like going out or have dinner together with the girls. :)
Ok, now i've got that cleared out,

Last sunday, I hosted a "v-day" potluck party!!!
loads of fun! Every year since 2002, I would plan something for the lovers day.
yea, I love my friends, so share the love baybeh! :p

Altho this year was having dinner again with the girls like last year, I still had great fun!
Had loads of food! We had Spaghetti Bolognese (my first attempt! and success!!!), Chicken Nuggets, Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang, Shepherd's Pie, Tuna Sandwiches, and Marble Cake.
We played games this time! Charades, Black Jack, Chao Tai Ti? (is that how u spell it?)
and of course... to top it all off, lots and lots of laughter!!!

You girls make my grey skies blue :)
I cherish our friendship and may we be friends forever.
I want our children to be friends!
So nanti we can gossip about them together! MUAHAHAHA. :p

'There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness'
-Lady Blessington-

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 11 February 2011

one thing..

What I realize about myself...

If I am angry about something or someone, no matter how angry/mad I am,
give me just one night to calm down and think about it..
I will be A ok the very next day!!

I've had a few situations and it somehow ends up in such a way.
*well SO FAR, hasn't pass more than a night lah,
hope it stays that way tho*


super random food items!

Alright! one thing you should know about me is that... I can go crazy with the items at the supermarket!!!
I can spend hours at Sainsbury's! I somehow would go slightly out of my shopping list due to the fact that I see something interesting. hahah.
well, not just sainbury's but in town la, like the Oriental store is another prey. hahah.

FIRST! Mooch Chocolate milk! WHy? Because of the packaging!!! How cool / cute is that?!
Yes, i'm such an easy target for things like this. Them sellers/producers would love me.

Second! I am a big fan of Kettle Chips!!! Why? Because they don't add MSG!!
For your info, I do not eat food that contains MSG (it's different if I accidentally take it. I would stop eating it if I know it contains MSG). THIS product is definitely MSG free cause I don't get migrain after consuming it! :D :D
Rock on Kettle Chips! (Malaysia tak byk flavour... booooo~)

Third! THIS IS JUST AWESOME. Msian supermarkets should have this!!!

In malay, it's called buah Berangan. usually it has a hard shell, and one would have to bite it to crack it open and then start picking out the skin that is stuck at the chestnut! so mafan (means troublesome)!
The taste of this product is just the same as the one unpeeled!!!! I hope they do sell it in Msia and it's just me who didn't know about it. oh please oh please.
With this, all you have to do is just open the packet, put it in a bowl and heat it up if u want to!
then, the best part comes.. YOU EAT!!!! *nom nom nom*

-nice food makes me happy-

Orchard Tree Planting!!!!

Dear all,
I would like to proudly announce that I had planted an Apple tree!!!!
My FIRST EVER tree planting!!!
All my life, i've seen my parents doing the digging up and what not at home (not that we have an orchard) but this time I dug up the dirt, put in the tree, put in the baja kompos etc!
:D :D

Let me tell you how I end up planting this Apple tree. haha.
I'm in this volunteery society called Green Lancaster :)
So yes, by the name, you would kinda get the hint that it's about doing environment stuff.
This is my first event with them so yea! We planted the Apple and Pear trees near the pre-school at the Uni's campus.

I did not plant this tree by myself fyi. At first I had my own tree then it was taking me too long to dug up the hole! haha. It rained before that so the ground was all sticky!!!!
It was really difficult to dug up the dirt! very muddy! so i decided to work together with another girl. :)

Hereeee are some pictures! tak clear sangat cause I used my mobile :)

Pics from top: The baby apple tree about to be covered by the "blanket"; dirty gloves; muddy wellies; the apple tree waiting to be all grown up! ;) and the baby pear tree which I didn't plant.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hello Hello everyone!!So guess what?! It's Fortune Cookie Wednesday!!!
sounds like a tv show? well, it's NOT.

I've self-proclaimed Wednesdays as Fortune Cookie Wednesdays due to the fact that I'll eat a fortune cookie every Wed :D
WHY u ask?
simple reason.. I LOVE FORTUNE COOKIES.
I love em! i love how i can snap it and oh! comes out that small piece of paper that gives random "fortunes" on it, then eat it! (the cookie i mean). the taste is not all OH MY GOD HEAVENLY. it tastes like those cones u eat with ice-cream which i love too. :p

This isn't what i got frm my fortune cookie today BUT it's a cute phrase to be put in a fortune cookie at a wedding ain't it? (frm google image)

yes, small things like this makes Soraya happy :p

U know, sometimes it's these small things be it from the act of eating something i like or even random act from strangers that turns my frown upside down.
won't u agree?


Monday, 24 January 2011

Siddarth and Ciggy

Here's the thing, Nadia, Iqa and I, we love to chit chat at the front door in front of our flats. This usually happens when we got back from hangin out with the rest and before we head into our own flats. So one day, while we were chit chatting.. the following happened:

Random guy opens main door and..

Random guy: You know Siddarth??
us: *blur faces*
Random guy: Siddarth??

Me: CIGARETTE??? cigarette?? *nods head*
Iqa: You mean lighter maybe??

*random guy kept quiet, gave weird look at girls and gave up. decided to just press his friend's flat buzzer*

Nadia: *tahan ketawa*

right after he closed the main door, we were L our AO. hahahhaa. (usually it's LMAO. but it's 3 people.) :P

(we don't even smoke & to be asking him whether he wants ciggy or even a lighter!? heih. hahah)

oh, don't u just love epic moments with friends! xx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Singing in January @ Lucky Voice!

FIRST TIME KARAOKE in the UK yall!!! hahaha, so on the 12th of January, Nadia had planned our karaoke trip to Manchester! It was so much fun!! there were 5 of us.. all girls. I call us Wanita Rempah (Spice Girls in english..) hahaha. had lunch at Al-Jazeera restaurant.. the half-roasted chicken with rice was soooo good.. it was such a big portion and it only cost us 3.50 each! murah gila nak mamps. soo generous! I like! :D

from the outside, the building looked a bit dodgy BUT THEN once u step inside... the areas were sooooo nice! so lucky voice is situated at the top floor and the rest of the floors are the bars and restaurant areas, which go by different themes. it was really nice!!! I just love the ambience of each area!!! here are some pics from their main website:

The White Room

Kaz Bar

Groovy Wonderland

Lucky Voice!

view of the karaoke pod from outside

They provided a tambourine too!!! wheehoo! haha.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The last bits of 2010

So, since i didn't really talk much about my last bits of 2010 before.. here we gooooo!!

first and foremost.. celamak gila formal kan.. haha. nyway, my bestfriend came up to Lancaster to visit me! It was really nice to have her over!! asyik jealous over the fact that my frens back in msia kept meeting up and i'm not there. it's like lepak2 kat taman tun all over again but just in a totally different country! haahhaha. tho she said i'm different here in the UK. hmmmm. a tad weird, cause i think i'm the same? i love the fact that she got to meet my msian friends here in lancs and they can get along well! a bunch of us went camwhoring at the park. it was still snowing at that time so it was nice to see the park covered with a blanket of snow.

Then, I WENT SLEDGING!!!!! IT WAS SOOOO FUN! cam fun sangat! after 3 years being in UK, that was my first time sledging. ahaha. it was on the 22nd of December 2010. ha see, i remembered the date. i don't know how to explain the feeling of going down the hill on a sledge. i love the adrenaline rush! oh, we sledged at the hill near the football field in Uni. :D

i watched Wicked!!!! my 2nd musical theatre in London! yeay!!! always wanted to watch that. i sat at the very front row!! like THE FRONT ROW. the FIRST ROW from the front. need i emphasize more? hahaha. and it was only for 27.50 due to the day ticket. we were there at 9.15am to buy the ticket, u see. it's limited. yea. gotta be there eaaarllyyy in the morning. counter opens at 10am and the show is at 2/2.3opm. If u're ever in london, should go n watch it! it's good. Next musical to watch, Jersey Boys or Grease.. or anything else that involves singing n dancing for joy :p

I also went to a Ralph Lauren shop in Old Bond Street and good god it was super classy. i wish i could just live in that friggin shop. ahhahahhaa. Yazira n i went there just to look around and like woohhh!!! boy were we impressed. their latest ad had blown us away and their shop just adds up to it. hehehe.

that's it for my last bits! cause after that was the one in Bristol. (previous post) :D

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy 2011!!!


I somehow do not have a new year's resolution ahaha.
we shall live the moment yo!
Well, maybe just to be more hardworking? It's the final countdown!

I was in London and Bristol for my winter break.
Definitely a different new year celebration for me this time.
Since 2005, i've been outside with my frens or family
to celebrate new year during new year's eve.
2010-2011 new year's eve, i was in Bristol, snuggling in bed in a hotel, watching tv n my fren was fast asleep next to me.
Fell asleep while watching tv, woke up realizing it's already 2011.
I wished my fren Happy New Year but she was dead asleep.
so i slept.
Woke up with me complaining how i wished her but she didn't wish me back.
So i wished her again and she wished back and said..
"Soraya, we're 23!"
WHAT A TURN OFF!!! hahahahah.
Accidentally left my camera and handphone charger in London.
There are lots of things i wanna write about but i think i'll wait for my camera.
Luckily, my fren is in london and she can get it for me!
Thank you Iqa n Shika! :D

to all girls out there, you have GOT TO WATCH
Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection ad.
(top pic shows the main 4 models)
i like the ones in suits in the video. :D
It's the bomb! I've got my frens n sister watching it over n over again.

Their dressing, their style,
their walk, their smile,
their built, 1234..
It's to die for.

here's the link ;) enjoy!